Let Me Go is a NYT Best Seller

LET ME GO debuted yesterday at #21 on the New York Times Best Seller list.  I was on an airplane when I got the news, and celebrated with cheap chardonnay in a plastic glass.  IT WAS DELICIOUS.     

Let Me Go - In Stores Now

Let Me Go is in stores.  It's also available online, in various ebook formats, and in audio book.   


Let Me Go comes out TOMORROW.


Seaside, Oregon: Where it never rains; it mists

Back in the hotel room in Seaside, Oregon, after an event at the Seaside Public Library.  Seaside is on the Oregon coast, where we Oregonians walk the beach in head-to-toe polarfleece. It is raining here, though the locals keep insisting that this isn't rain, "it's mist".  Beach Books (, Seaside's terrific independent local bookstore, sold books and I signed stock, so if you happen to be in Seaside and wanted an autographed copy of one of my books, this would prove a useful coincidence.  Do go to this bookstore.  They are nice.  You will like them.  Also, I am writing this while half-watching Our Nixon on CNN.  Have you seen this?  It is WAY scarier than any of my books. 

LET ME GO named Best Book! Of the Month. Okay, "One of the Best Books of the Month"

Amazon named Let Me Go one of their "Best Books of the Month" for August!  Isn't that nice of them? Pub date is August 13th.  I'm just now starting to plug in upcoming events, so check back for a fuller listing. Thanks!  


Chuck Palahniuk, Monica Drake, and Yours Truly: The Mayhem Continues

I'm  excited to announce that we will be doing another Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups event!  Join Chuck Palahniuk, Monica Drake and me in Bellingham, Washington, on April 24th, for an evening of drinking, inappropriate storytelling, and general anarchy.  Tickets go on-sale April 6 at 10a.m.  (Admission includes a signed hardcover of Monica Drake's brilliant new novel, The Stud Book).  This event will sell out.  And it will be epic.  Also, we have all kind of awesome gifts for you.  As usual, sleepwear is required.  This is not for kids.  They get enough bedtime stories. And they can't hold their liquor. 

Click on the link for more info:

Let Me Go, this August

Let Me Go, the next book in the Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell series comes out August 13th. You can pre-order it now. Pre-ordering is AWESOME. It makes me very happy. This book takes place over Halloween. Gretchen Lowell is back. And she's WEARING A COSTUME. Do you need to know anything more? Okay. Lots of stabbing. Archie's BIRTHDAY. A masked ball. And tunnels. UNDERGROUND tunnels. Oh, and lots of sex. Very, very wrong sex.

How I got fake blood on my daughter's Ken doll, and other confessions of a thriller writer mom

I'm a frequent guest on LiveWire!, a variety show that is performed here in Portland and then broadcast nationally (Hello, Austin!).  This is a recordning of me performing an essay with Ralph Huntley backing me up musically.  Ralph has fantastic muttonchops, which you can't see here, but that doesn't mean you can't imagine them.

Let's see if this link works!  (This is so exciting.)

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