First episode of GONE airs in US on FEB 27th

We finally have a US premier date for GONE, the TV show based on my book, ONE KICK.  First episode airs at 9PM on Wednesday, Feb 27th, on WGN-America.  

Check out the trailer here: https://deadline.com/2019/01/gone-trailer-premiere-date-for-wgn-america-...

You're probably like, "BUT I DON'T GET WGN-AMERICA, Chelsea! In fact I do not have a television set or cable and I watch all my shows via streaming apps on my phone!  WHAT SHOULD I DO?"

This is a good question. Keep your chin up. Once the show airs on WGN-America, it will be available via apps - I'm SURE there is a WGN app? - or on Netflix or iTunes or other -say it with me - LEGITIMATE - streaming services. They know what we like. 

I can't wait to watch this show with all of you.  

GONE to air on WGN America

The first season of GONE, the TV show based on my book, ONE KICK, will start airing on WGN America in early 2019.  It stars Leven Rambin and Chris Noth and Danny Pino.  I've watched eleven of the twelve episodes.  (I couldn't watch the Doctor Who episode where Matt Smith's Doctor died for like six months.  I guess I am not good at embracing closure.)  Anyway, I know I've kept you hanging with the whole-never-published-the-second-book-in-the-Kick-Lannigan-series thing.  (It's confusing, because the internet seems to think it came out at some point, but I know, because I didn't finish writing it, so I'm prettty sure it hasn't been published.)  I think ONE KICK fans will love this show.  I do.  Because I'm a fan of ONE KICK, and I love it, especially the second half of the season, which does some wonderful character work.  The chemisty between Kick (Leven) and Bishop (Danny) is unreal.  At one point, watching episode 9, I forgot I had anything to do with the story, and was totally transported, swept up in their relasionship.  "Kiss," my 13-year-old daughter and I begged the TV screen.  "Kiss!"  

No spoilers.  


Watch GONE in the UK, starting March 19th

GONE - the TV show based on my book, ONE KICK -- will air weekly in the UK on Universal Television starting March 19th.  So, that's neat.  

Kick Lannigan TV show a smash (in France)

Check it out.  Season 1 of GONE (based on a little book I wrote called ONE KICK) is officially a smash hit in France.  I'm told that the premier had a 24% audience share, which means that one in four people watching TV in France that night were watching a show that started out in my head, in a bubblebath, in Portland, Oregon.  Big congratulations to the amazing crew and cast, and to the French speakers who dubbed in all the fancy French words.  Je suis content.  

Casting Extras for Kick Lannigan TV show

ONE KICK fans: the TV show (GONE) is in production in the Pittsburgh area.  Lots of opportunities to work as extras. Including this one.  If you've read the book you'll know that this photograph is a really important prop. I love the idea that someone out there gets to be Bishop's mom.  I'm posting this on 5/11.  If you're reading it too many days after that, well... I'll try to remember to post casting opps as I see them.  


We are looking to create a Family of 3 for a family still photograph from character "BISHOP"s childhood.

MOTHER- Can be Hispanic/Italian/Greek (roughly ages 30-50's) 

FATHER- Can be Hispanic/Italian/Greek (roughly ages 30-50's)

BOY- Can be Hispanic/Italian/Greek (roughly ages 6-12) 

We will create the family out of the options. If selected you would need to be available next week for the photo shoot. 

Please email [email protected] 
Please include your name, height, weight, age, number and current photo. Please write which you are submitting for in the subject line. 

We will contact you with further details! 

*we did email everyone from the casting call who we felt fit what we were looking for this specifically but if you feel like we missed you go ahead and send us something!* 


TV show based on "One Kick" is in production

The television show based on my novel, "One Kick," is in production in Pittsburgh.  True story.  They are building sets.  Actors are in fight training. (That's when my husband said he knew it was real - when actors started working out.)  They are filming twelve episodes.  The show - called GONE - stars Chris Noth as Frank, Leven Rambin as Kick, and Danny Pino as Bishop.  You can learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gone_(TV_series).  You guys have been so patient waiting for the next Kick book.  I hope you enjoy the show!  I'll keep you posted about where and when to watch.   

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