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Chelsea's Law & Order SVU drinking game

Take a drink when the following occurs. Items in quotation marks must be said out loud. 


“The People request remand, your honor.”

“My office, now.”

Any scene that takes place in a bar.


“She’s so young.”

“Hyoid bone.”


“That’s rape.” 

“Take the day, Olivia.” 

“My therapist says…”

(After getting a phone call) “She didn’t make it.”

“If you call a lawyer then we won’t get to know your side of the story.”

“I believe you.”

“Rat squad.”

“That address is in the Hudson River!”

“Don’t tell my parents.”

Any time a former cast member - from any of the L&O shows - does a cameo.

A character packs a box and leaves the precinct. 

A character has to temporarily turn over their gun and badge.


“Desk duty.”

Olivia drinks a glass of red wine. 

A child points out that Munch has a funny name.

An actor from a previous episode appears in a different role.