Why I don’t swim laps

My daughter is taking swim lessons.  She’s four.  (And “a half,” she’d add.)  And she’s a goldfish.  In the parlance of community pool swim lessons, the goldfish is at the bottom of the pile, under the more amphibiously gifted (and less domesticated) penguin, seal, etc.  She didn’t notice.  “I wanted to be something gold,” she said. 

Sharpies are my friends

So I just finished signing my name 1000 times.  This requires five days and nine Sharpies.  Also an ice pack for the swelling.  Here is my tip for aspiring authors: if your name has more than ten letters total, change it.  

Also, after much experimentation, I settled on the extra-fine Sharpie.  Fewer fumes.  (They’re fun for awhile, but a problem when you start misspelling your name.)

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