Free Rebecca Gayheart!

I was not going to watch the Eric Dane “sex tape.”  I really wasn’t.  I made it an hour and a half.  Then I googled it.  A moment later I was watching it on gawker.  That’s the kind of thing you can count on gawker for – posting celebrity sex tapes.  For those of you who aren’t refreshing TMZ every five minutes (and you are fantastic), I am talking about a tape featuring Eric Dane of Grey’s Anatomy, his wife Rebecca Gayheart, and a former Miss Teen USA named Kari Ann Peniche, in a naked, addled haze.  There’s no actual sex.  And they are all claiming that they were, you know, just hanging out, like people do sometimes, naked, with friends.  I don’t hang out naked with my friends.  But if I spent as much time dieting and working out as these people clearly do, I might. 

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