Good Food (and a Story) for a Good Cause

On August 20th I'll be participating in a great event called Dinner at My House for Our House.  It's a benefit for Our House, a Portland nonprofit which provides healthcare, housing, and other vital services to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS.  For $75, you get a tantalizing dinner in a fascinating setting, and I'll be on hand with a special story written just for the occasion.  For details, click here.  

Trade paperback covers

Hey everybody!  I just got a look at the covers for the new trade paperback editions of Heartsick and Sweetheart, and I have to say they're great.  Classy stuff, really--you'd never know from looking at them the sort of twisted stuff waiting inside!  They're due out July 20, with Evil at Heart following on August 31.  So get your orders in now, here and here and here.  No collection is complete without them, and they make fabulous Labor Day gifts!

Some Advice

My tips, for the about-to-be-published author. This is what I wish I knew about getting published before it happened to me.  Click here for the full list of pointers.



I'm sorry.  I've been neglecting my blog.  Lots of events going on--glad to see YOU. And hope to see you  and you at one of them soon!



Don't be a picky reader. Be a literary omnivore.

Check out this rare and meaty short!

Current Amazon recommendations based on my browser history: A Review.

Gone: An Alex Delaware Novel.   (I own this, so okay.)

The Sociopath Next Door (Non-fiction – I might actually check it out.  I DO have some weird neighbors.)

The Mysterious Benedict Society – Kindle Edition.  (This is a kids’ book!  Do eight-year-olds even own Kindles? I do have a Kindle, but I have never downloaded any children’s fiction on it.)

Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain. (Okay.  You caught me.  I’ve been checking my ranking, and Amazon clearly thinks I must be VERY interested in this book since I look at it several times a day.  Well, Amazon, sorry to disappoint you, but I already have a bunch of copies.  However I might buy some more, just to boost my ranking.  Plus, I hear it’s great!  Thanks for suggesting it!)

Lipstick Chronicles


Hi, Everyone.  I’m blogging at today. Check me out. 

If a Clown

The best poem about a clown I have ever read, from the current issue of The New Yorker:

If a Clown
by Stephen Dunn

If a clown came out of the woods,
a standard-looking clown with oversized
polka-dot clothes, floppy shoes,
a red, bulbous nose, and you saw him
on the edge of your property,
there’d be nothing funny about that,
would there? A bear might be preferable,
especially if black and berry-driven.

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