Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups, with Chuck Palahniuk, Lidia Yuknavitch, & Chelsea Cain

Performing with zombie baby in Eugene, OR
This is supposed to be a picture of me cradling a dead-looking baby.

My BFFs Chuck Palahniuk and Lidia Yuknavitch and I do an event we call "Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups."  (Monica Drake has also performed with us, along Tyler Hughs and Ralph Huntley.)  We've done three of these shows so far, and everyone has sold out.  Basically we do everything you're not supposed to do at a book event.  We drink, we wear PJs, we read terribly inappropriate stories, we give a ton of stuff away (in Bellingham, we gave out LED devil horns, AND glow-in-the-dark beachballs).  In other words, it's a book rave.  If you get a chance to come to one, do not miss it. It's epic.  And because we always include a book in the price of admission, we bring an influx of cash to a local independent bookstore.  Win, win.  

Did I mention there's drinking?