Kick Back

Where can I buy KICK BACK?

That is a frequently asked question (FAQ) here at Chelsea Cain, Inc.  And here's the sad truth.  You can't buy it anywhere.  That's confusing, isn't it?  Because you can find it online, along with a lovely picture of the book jacket.  Here's the thing.  Simon and Schuster published ONE KICK.  Then, about the time I was supposed to turn in KICK BACK (and after S&S had posted the cover of KICK BACK and started taking pre-orders), my editor left S&S to go to Putnam.  And I went with her.  These things happen.  But lo the Internet.  It is, ironically, slow to catch up.  S&S will not be publishing KICK BACK.  Ever.  The book jacket - which is fantastic, by the way, right? - that will never be a thing in the world.  I hope - fingers crossed! - that Putnam will publish KICK BACK one day.  And my next Archie/Gretchen book!  (YES, I want to write one.)  But neither will be the NEXT book.  Putnam wants their own series.  Which is fair.  And it's going to be great!  I have a terrific idea, and I am hard at work on it.  If you love Archie, Gretchen, and/or Kick, you will like the new thing.  Thank you for your patience.  I am so sorry for all the confusion.  I'm especially sorry for not clearing it up sooner.  Weirdly, moving from one global corporation to another has been a bit of a legal headache.  And while I am not techincally cleared to talk about any of this yet, I also feel like you're all owed an explanation. Have I mentioned how nice you look?  REALLY nice.   

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