Flight Club 2

Mockingbird and other comic book news

Yes, I have somehow convinced Marvel to let me write a comic book.  Those of you who know me will understand what a huge moment this is for those of us over at the Cain-Mohan house.  Mama made good.  This is a one-shot issue.  Listen to me, using the comics lingo.  That means that it's a single issue, one and done.  Available Sept. 2nd.  So for all that is sacred in the world order your copy now from your local comic book shop.  You don't want to miss this.  Some of you may know Mockingbird as Bobbi Morse from the TV show Marvel: Agents of SHIELD.  Some of you may know Mockingbird from the comics (she is a biochemist and a New Avenger, but she is mostly known for being Hawkeye's "cool ex-wife").  She is also tough and beautiful and interesting and waaaaayyyy complicated.  So she's super pissed when someone from her past is murdered.  Yes, I wrote a super hero comic book without any costumes.  Just some crime and psychological warfare.  You know.  How I like it.  Joelle Jones is doing the art, which I will post some of once someone tells me I can if not a few seconds sooner.  The comic looks amazing.  Bonus points if you can identify all Mockingbird's tattoos.  


In other comic book news a friend of mine continues to slay the industry with his comic book series.  It's called Fight Club 2, have you heard of it?  This kid Chuck Palahniuk really has potential - keep your eye on him.  And keep your eye out for me too, as I will be appearing, with the rest of our writing group, in an upcoming FC2 issue. Meta, right?  He better hope it's a flattering likeness.

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