Comic Con


We had an amazing trip to San Diego (ie, SDCC).  SDCC = COMIC CON.  (Comic con = THE BIGGEST, BRIGHTEST POP CULTURE CON IN THE US of A.) This is my third trip to SDCC.  The first was 12 years ago.  Eliza  was 2 yrs old then, and we drove down from PDX and stopped by my aunt's house in Bolinas, and Eliza was attacked by mosquitos and was covered with bites at SDCC, so looked like she had chicken pox.  Everyone gave us A LOT of elbow room. #ProTip

Seriously, this was such a terrific weekend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. So grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who make SDCC run, and to our incredible creative team, expecially our cohort of 14-yr-old girls -- Eliza Fantastic Mohan, Stella Greenvosss, Emily Powell.  Not to be all MOM-ISH, but I am so proud of all of you. 

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