February 2020

POSTPONED - How to Murder Someone for Money if You're a Teen

This workshop has been postponed. We will get it back on the calendar as soon as possible. Check back here or on the Corporeal Writing website (corporealwriting.com). 

This is cool. I'm teaching a thriller writing workshop at Corporeal Writing in Portland, OR, March 21 and 22nd. It's called How to Murder Someone For Money and it costs $400 a person -- you can learn more if you click on events. But, get this, because the folks at Corporeal are amazing and have funded a scholarship endowment, we're able to offer TWO FULL SCHOLARSHIPS. (Much love to you, Lidia Yuknavitch.)  I've decided to offer these scholarships to high school age writers.  Because I think it's really important, as a young writer, to be taken seriously.  Please pass along to any high school writers you know in the area.  
If you want to know more about the workshop, click here: http://www.corporealwriting.com/face2face/chelsea-cain
Anyone interested in a scholarship can send an email to:

Write "Chelsea Cain Scholarship" (or something similar) in the subject line.

Please answer the following questions.

Hi!  What's your name?
How old are you?
Is this email address the best way to reach you, or is there a better way? 
I'd love to see a sample of your writing.  You can attach it to this email.  It can be anything - a school assignment, a journal entry, a poem, a song, a short story, a really epic DM -- it can be fiction, non-fiction, fan-fiction, existential rants, lists - I just want to see something you wrote that you're proud of - or, if I'm being fancy, of which you are proud.  If you can't decide, send me two things! If it's not typed, take a picture of it and send me that.  Promise me that you won't overthink this.
If you want, in the body of this email, you can tell me something else. Just a few sentences - something you think is important to share about yourself.  
You have already impressed me by the very fact that you are here, that you're applying, that you're interested in talking about big writing ideas. Seriously, you're obviously pretty great.
It's nice to meet you.
We will be in touch by March 11.  
Thank you!
~ Chelsea.