September 2018

Man-eaters, issue #1, in stores Wednesday 9/26

The first issue of my new comic book series is coming out this Wednesday (9/26).  It will be at comic book stores and available through digital comic book portals.  If you have a favorite local comic book store, please visit it!  If you don't know where a comic book store is in your area, Google "comic book store near me" and cross your fingers.  They will be nice to you.  They like to sell things.  

Man-eaters is suitable for ages 13 and up.  It's part horror, part cultural satire, part coming of age story.  The central character is twelve.  Her dad is a detective.  And they live in a world where girls sometimes turn into homicidal panthers when they get their periods.  So, that's super awkward.

Sales are the only way we will keep this thing afloat.  And if we can get a few issues out we'll be able to publish a collection and actually offer it in book stores.  That is my goal, because I think there's a large audience for this comic who may not know how to find it until then.